About us

ATE - the future of professional sound solution

Since 1982 we have been developing and manufacturing (ISO and TS certified) based fundamental loudspeaker, chassis technologies and complete audio solutions for automotive-, aviation-, lifestyle-, home automation-, HiFi- and pro audio industry. We produce mainly in Germany but also in Asia (speaker parts like metal components, voice coils, magnets, cones, baskets, plugs, sockets etc.).


For 25 years ATE has been involved in the development and manufacturing of alternative methods of speaker presentations with dsp-controlled moving tables and displays, speaker boxes, transducers, dsp-amp´s and sound system components.


Originally focused on the development of speakers for home audio systems, ATE’s involvement in speakers has expanded to include the pro-audio, aviation- and automotive industries.


ATE designed complete speaker systems including speakers and boxes until we realized that many customer requirements for speakers could not be solved with existing marketplace solutions. With the aim of providing our customers with the best possible speaker solutions, ATE moved towards developing special transducers and single components like the new innovative P²C and P²F speaker cones.


ATE’s mission is to reproduce sound as naturally as possible with the lowest level of discoloration.